Mental Health

The world is changing and changing fast. People are in a society that is complex with technology reducing our concentration span and thirst to find information at the touch of a button. 

Mental health, emotional wellbeing and overall feeling in control and happy is an area just constantly changing and evolving. 

Schools are acknowledging the changes in children’s well being. Some pilot a health and well being nurse or specialist who has a specific role to children’s mental health. 

Along side the curriculum maybe it is vital to be teaching children how to cope in the world, be realistic with expectations and how to understand themselves and keep healthy in their minds and emotionally as much as their body’s. 

More and more children are suffering from mental health concerns and problems. 

What help is there and how do we even know. 

Children need the support and early intervention. It can be regulated and given the support needed.

A really good website who strive to help children, parents and professionals. 

What can we do to support our children with the changing expectations in society and understanding themselves 

So much research out there and different approaches and ideas. Worth looking at and reading more on this and what we can do. 

Don’t forget our own mental health!!! 

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