Sleep issues 

I have heard so many people share the same experience as we do with the whole issue of sleep. I choose the word issue because it seriously is an issue!!!!

I counted up how many nights of unsettled sleep we have had. So far it’s 4015. That’s actually a huge amount of consistent nights that have disturbed rest. 

Tried melatonin and weaned him off it as I heard different opinions about it. However it can be a god send for many so always listen to what is being recommended. 

Had some amazing intervention from a sleep clinic and we learnt a lot about sleep hygiene and the importance of routine and no screens in bed to ensure the stimulus is switched off. Had reward charts, bed passes, incentives and lots of patience. Works for a while then needs changing to a different strategy. 

One thing that can end the whole routine and strategies from working is…. me!!! You need a hell of a lot of energy and patience and time and bloody will power to implement everything but some days my super mum cape comes off and I remain a human. Tired, exasperated and utterly exhausted. So it all collapses. 

So tonight it’s past 2am and it’s another disturbed night. Feel so much for my son who just gets exhausted with it himself. 

Had this idyllic picture of tucking my boy in bed and reading him a lovely bedtime story as he drifts into a deep beautiful sleep. 

But then reality hit and it just doesn’t happen. I felt so sad that we had this experience taken away from us really and wondered when it would ever happen. Quickly realised it wouldn’t be the picture I had. But we painted a new one with new ideas and ways round it and sometimes simply ways to cope. 

I’ve written a series of stories that my son gives me ideas on and he’s more likely to listen to these without wriggling his way out of bed. 

Tried worry dolls, worry bags, sleepy cream from lush (which is currently all the craze) and tried to rock him, pat him and cuddle him to sleep. Tried being consistent and firm. Tried massage and audio books. Music and aromatherapy. Tried crystals under his bed, singing, and just being in his room to give him the security he needs. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. In desperation I flop at the side of him and fall asleep. He wriggles and gets up and down to move objects to the right position, move his door so it’s open, he closes the curtains a million times to make it feel right. The list does go on. But there I am collapsed on his bed just willing the routines to be finished. He gets in bed and slowly his breathing changes and he’s going to sleep. I darent cough or move at this point as the slightest movement from me will wake him to stress I am not to leave. Exhausted and exasperated still I may just give up. But eyes are shutting without my control and my head is screaming not to give up. 

Sleeping is so needed for us all. I’ve even researched sleep deprivation and it’s effects. Tbh I stopped cos it did my head in and really was not going to be helpful. 

I know how horrendous it could be ….. As I scrolled through even more symptoms to check again for stress and anxiety we are still a million years behind. 

I’ve tried interventions of every description ever. So…. it’s perseverance again!! 

Find support and share experiences. 

It’s an open ongoing topic so it may be useful that you can add to this and share experiences that you have had already or currently having. 

And after all that I’m still awake lolol 

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