Waiting times for our children

Seems a report is due to be published about the long waiting times for children with mental health needs. CQC have highlighted the long periods of time and how this can affect our children 


“A Care Quality Commission report into child and adolescent mental health services (Camhs) will warn that long delays for treatment are damaging the health of young people with anxiety, depression and other conditions….”
What are your experiences. 

From a personal perspective CAMHs is under resourced and often unable to offer the support our children need. As parents we can be left reading and educating ourselves to find ways to support and help our children. 

It’s damaging to families and most importantly the children who often suffer in their childhood with limited opportunity to overcome or find strategies to be children. To enjoy their childhood. 

They are often expected to regulate behaviour, deal with daily crisis within themselves with little acknowledgment or support. 

The report is welcoming but action is required. Our children are the next generation and investment is essential to support and tackle the issues they face. 

Mental health is unseen, not as easy to recognise and obviously very complex. It is unfair and unjust to leave a child and family in crisis. A more physical condition would not be left untreated for so long. 

Let’s see what happens and if anything changes for us all. 

What are your thoughts?

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