Where does the energy keep coming from?

You know when you are broken and exhausted and your body feels like it’s been drained, your mind is full of cotton wool and you forget to do the most simplest of tasks…. but somehow you keep going!!?!?

How? When you try to find the coffee jar but you have put it in the fridge instead of the milk, and you desperately feel exhausted at the thought of mustering up the energy to eat… but you face the storms and yet another challenge thrown your way.

You, like many parents, battle and stand up even when your legs are buckling .. you smile but at the same time you are screaming inside.

You face the day and night and both merge together.

You no longer remember what a social life is, what a friend is and whilst the idyllic lives of many are splashed across social media you feel grateful to just collapse on your bed.

Looking in the past to remember how life was becomes a distant memory and looking too far forward becomes an over whelming torturous concept.

You drag yourself through the day and hold onto the few minutes where your mind might be still and calm with nothing to plan, or develop strategies or nothing to worry about.

You juggle work and people, fight off the sensory over load you feel from simply being around people.

You accept your lifestyle gracefully but with exasperation.

Not once do you think negative of your circumstance but just have the ongoing acceptance or is it more like tolerance of the many inept people around.

You despair at the appointments and yet another discussion that delves into your home environment, your parenting style, and the ins and outs of every move you make. You wonder if anyone else feels like they are on a stage and watched and judged. You look amongst the people claiming to be the right person to help but sigh a huge long despairing sigh.

But you know what .. you carry on because you are a warrior.

You carry on because you can, because you need to and because you want to.

The skills you carry are outstanding, elite and far more amazing than you would ever admit or even acknowledge.

Your drive and motivation to provide the strength and safety to your family far exceeds the concept of ever giving up.

You are quite amazing!!!

So you celebrate the ones who are always there. The ones that pick you up and brush you off and get you back on your feet to face another day. You thank the one who has taken the time to cook your tea and offer you the love that is truly unconditional. You are refuelled and ready to face whatever is next.

So if we have that one person, remember they are awesome too!!

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