Things to do at half term

It’s that time again. The raising expectations of full fun days bursting with activities and ideas to entertain the children.

You plan and search ‘what’s on’ but left wondering about the reality when you actually visualise the way the day would probably work out.

Don’t plan too far in advance as the anxiety will escalate quickly.

Don’t leave the planning too last minute as no one is fully prepared.

Look at theatre shows, days out, tours, activities and jam packed adventure days.

What you tend to be left with is trying to figure out how the hour you actually will have in reality, on your day out will be best spent. An hour based on the reality that the getting out of the door will be a trauma, the convincing that it could possibly be a good idea, and then at arrival knowing this hour is actually pushing it. The hour that starts to look more like forty five minutes as the place you have decided to go is busy, and loud and no pre trial run happened to prepare engagement in any activity. So you watch the other people join in and spend time talking through what’s happening, looking around as your child has walked off, or had a melt down – and no convincing will make the activities actually look fun.

So back In the car you wonder why you do it. Your exhaustion starting to show, the familiar words ‘why’ echoing around your head and the silent vow to yourself you can’t do this again …. But you know why. That the effort can’t ever stop being put in and you can’t stop having ideas and you can’t ever stop trying. You know why you do it because you know you can’t ever stop offering opportunity and you know that it starts to expose the world and find the way to empower your child. You know why you do it in the end.

So when you reflect – you hear your child actually enjoyed it in their own way. The drink was nice that they had or the car on the motorway was one not seen yet and maybe the next time you go now that your child has seen what it’s like- then maybe they will join in

So a week of adventures to have ahead…. but a different type of adventure… deep breath taken!!!

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