Are we echoes of our children?

A wonderful but quite profound thought.

A question to ask…

Are we like our children?… as opposed to are our children like us?

Having navigated through life without any formal diagnosis until being 40+ I realised through the observation of my child that I was just like him. Not the other way round. And that was simply because I had never recognised my differences as anything but quirks or challenges. When I could see the traits in my child that were eventually labelled and identified as being part of a condition therefore having actual reasons, that I realised that my child was infact leading the way for me.

To realise that so much later in life was truly a revelation. Unanswered questions immediately apparent with answers that gave me a sense of relief and gratitude. I started to understand myself.

We share the quirks and need for routine and the whole emotional over load, the closed perceptions and the ability to hyper focus. A million other traits that if understood can be used to benefit future decisions and choices.

I could see it quickly in my child and raising him in a society that was open to supporting Assessment and diagnosis made me realise the needs that required a relentless battle and I dug deep and fought hard. A very different world than the one I was exposed to. I was lucky. I never considered myself that different as I had a very supportive mum who clearly supported and guided me to accept who I was but work to my strengths.

As time progressed and I understood what was happening and the concept opened up that I infact was the same.

Leading the way to find solutions and strategies was vital for my child progress and development but all of this could be used and implemented for me.

I understood him and started to see that I understood myself. Which I had not even touched on as I grew up.

I realised I radiated towards people who could be my anchor, people supportive of my boundless energy and opinion. I carved a career that allowed me to be active and be creative and hid in this world. Had I been in a more suppressive working environment stagnant in one area I would have struggled.

I looked within and saw I did infact have the answers for me and him.

So it opened up a huge world and new concepts and reasons!!!!

So I will always be quite grateful and appreciative that I’m like my child!!!

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