Communication and conversation

Communication and conversation. Two very different concepts.

Communication – something everyone does. I do not listen to anyone who tells me another human being does not communicate. Everyone communicates on some level. It may be an eyebrow that raises or a look or simply how a person moves.

Conversation on the other hand is complex, and a completely different skill set in itself.

Conversation evokes two way interaction.

We may initiate communicate to have basic needs met, or to express, to show feelings or needs of person.

To empower an individual with a resource or tool or strategy can make a difference to all aspects of communication and how needs are met, but how active participation can be promoted.

We can create an environment and many opportunities to instigate communication and lead into conversation that is engaging and useful.

We need to know how a person communicates.

How a person prefers to be responded to

How a person wants to have a conversation.

What a conversation means to them

How to develop skills to truly become an effective communicator

And what communication itself means to an individual.

YANA has started to develop a series of resources that will be available to down load or be purchased.

Communication aids



Resources and

Bespoke packages to meet the needs of the person requiring the resource.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Keep an eye on the web page for the products that you can access.

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