We have worked within the sector supporting people with complex needs for over 20 years and have since had our own children and family members who live with complex needs.

The struggle to fight, to understand and gain understanding from many services and external people is ongoing.

I have supported families and represented them within the professional meetings that can often be the most daunting and emotive experience, and also shared what has worked for me.

This website is dedicated to us families that have embarked on this adventure to share information, knowledge and ongoing updated issues that may help in some way.

Online communication is growing in popularity and in our reality of rigid timelines and routines this can often be the only way to keep in contact with people who are experiencing similar circumstances.

We can use the blog to post messages that we may think would be useful, and we can also create closed groups to ensure anything more sensitive isn’t open to the public.

I have ideas where I would like this to go, but it is pretty much organic and governed by the people so please let me know if you have ideas or would like to have more involvement.

Remember that the expert of your children is YOU!!