Inbox if you are interested

If you are interested in a book ive written about being a parent of a child who has complex needs please inbox me.
It’s heartfelt, informative and throws ideas that may help in some way. It captures the different stages and emotions we go through and how to keep you healthy and well.
It aims to empower and share things that have worked and above all focuses on how we are the experts on our children!

YANA support

To keep developing and evolving what we offer we are sensitive to current circumstances. For many, Covid-19 has caused increased stressful circumstances.

Increased pressures and complete disruption in virtually all aspects of life.

Creating a forum through our Facebook page may be an opportunity for you to share your experiences. The group is closed to protect individuals sharing experiences so anyone wishing to be involved will need to request joining the group.

It’s moderated so careful attention is given to individual needs and sensitive subjects. The group is entitled parent support, but is open to family members supporting people with complex needs.

We are all doing what we can to get through, and often in the midst of changed circumstances we can cope as we are in it and it’s all new. However, we are seeing an increased surge of people now struggling to adapt and maintain resilience. The aftermath is the hardest bit as we are faced with so many changes and with this has thrown many people into chaos. Support is out there and you are You Are Not Alone

If you wish to join the closed group please click on this link

YANA cards

We have cards that we can bespoke to what you need.

Contact us and we can get an idea of what you need. They start from £2.50 per small pack.

Just covers the costs as our main aim is to reach out to people and promote us all to keep communicating

Examples below


Health and wellbeing is a priority. We find ourselves juggling everything. But don’t try to replicate school or work. If you are at home facing different challenges every day, simply relax and do what is right for you and your family. Little by little and day by day.

There are stages to accepting change. At first it’s like a novelty, fear and anxiety. Then reality sets in. Feeling apprehensive and change of mood is pretty common. Take your time and don’t add more pressure on yourself.