Autism and girls

Growing research is ongoing to identify the gender differences in presentation and if really there are less girls with these conditions. It has been identified that girls do present differently therefore may mask some of the difficulties they have. 

It is a huge area to look into and one that is growing in interest. Statistics will report known disabilities and people acknowledged with a diagnosis but it does come back to the issues of the many left undiagnosed and not yet recognised. 

There is a huge amount of work around this that remains an area of research. 

Being female and having experienced this I agree it can be masked and overlooked. I must say I was managed very well at home by a strong and insightful mum but not everyone has that opportunity. 

Girls are raised differently to some degree and we cannot deny the expectations that start within gender differences from an early age and even more so now with the world widening so much so at a touch of a button. So exposure to expectations and norms are huge influences. 

Girls are not always going to present with behaviour that is outward and aggressive or more obvious. Girls can mask it through inward and insular ways. 

It has been argued that the criteria for assessment is more towards the behaviour that is outward and not yet capturing the different ways a girl may exhibit their own difficulties. This throws all known ideas to the wall as it can be argued why so many girls are missed. Does this also mean that girls are not being supported and offered early intervention in the way they may need. 

So are girls being diagnosed? Are there really more boys than girls who live with this? Should it be pursued to look at possibilities of this?

I say yes. But that is my opinion. Girls do present differently. Girls do conform and mimic. Is it a gender issue? Or is it a social issue? Or an internal issue?

If people are not receiving intervention when they need it there are obvious consequences to this. Later life is hard, emotional regulation and coping in the world that becomes too fast, to loud and too confusing. 

Another area to look at and keep reading about. It is interesting and important that we keep informed and understand the world of disability from a medical perspective and also social perspective. To fight for rights is to understand the rights in the first place. 

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